For Businesses

You need a working solution to screen and keep employees working. Your team needs to know that the return to work after an infection is statistically safe. Everyone wants answers and though there will always be more questions than answers, we are here to help. Austin Covid labs is the only lab that caters directly to employers to bring testing onsite to you. We offer solutions for both PCR and Antibody testing that are rapid and reliable.


Our package and service include Austin Covid Labs testing team, screening, and testing of staff, direct oversight by our clinical director, and keynote speaker. We will text all negative results and directly call all positives.

To keep your workplace safe, we recommend an initial screening and testing of all personnel for both Covid-19 and antibodies. From that survey, you will know the prevalence among your employees and future risks. We then return to your site on a regularly scheduled basis depending upon recommendations and your needs. Experience has shown that virtually all positive IgM's will come back positive for PCR; so this allows you to protect your staff immediately if a positive case is in your workplace. We allow any workers to come to our central location for PCR testing as much as needed. 

Business Meeting

Why Businesses?

As an employer, you have the ability to request and require your employees to be regularly tested. It is your responsibility to keep your workplace and the public safe. But more significantly, when you send an employee out for testing, results can take 3-8 days. We preserve your workforce with rapid results and a next day result. If you need an employee tested outside of our regularly scheduled day with you, they can come directly to our centrally located lab for same or next day testing.


Our typical contract involves testing every 2 weeks in an attempt to identify and isolate cases as soon as they surface.  We are making it easy to Keep Austin Safe.