Our Big Team!

In the early days and until the fall 2020, there were just a few of us doing all the tasks. We could post pics and bios. But now we have 28 people working diligently to bring testing and treatment to the public.


Words cannot express the gratitude for the tireless work being done by Bianca, Denetra, Jatrice, Alysia, Sherri, Na'dean, Ryan, Jerry, Joshua, Alexa, Dan, Donte, Kristina, Tammy, Brett, Daniella, Elida, Silke, Nikki, Aaron, Gabriella, Kellie, Katrina, Sylvia, Leila, Rae, Dan B., Nehemias, Ge'O-Vanna, and Tonya. 


Thank you all, and please know we are each doing the very best we can, and we hope we out of business in 2021. Such a strange time to be overwhelmed with demand, trying to serve and do our very best, never getting caught up, and all the while hoping our work will not be needed for long.

Our sincerest thanks and understanding, 

Michelle Paris, Clinic Director