Administrative Fee and Private

Administrative Fees & Private Pay

Administrative Fee: $35 on all testing
Cigna and BCBS policies must be private pay of $250 unless you have symptoms or a known exposure. Your policy will no longer cover return to work or surveillance testing.

PPO Policies & Uninsured

PCR & Antibodies:  $35 + $65 = $100 (total) for rapid

PCR & Antibodies overnight test: $35

Medicaid, Medicare most HMO policies & Tricare (not limited to the list)

PCR and/or Antibodies: $35 + $215 = $250 combined (total)

Antibody tests $50 (total)

Private Pay Options (No medical necessity)

Private PCR & Antibodies $250 (total)

Rapid PCR Only: $250 (total)

Private Antibody Only $50 (total)

PCR for Travel (with insurance)