Fees & Insurance

Inventory for Rapid PCR changes weekly. Sometimes we have only overnight testing and other times only Rapid PCR testing. 

Our mission is to provide comprehensive, reliable, high-quality PCR testing for as little as possible.
Most policies holders carry only a $35 processing.Foreign nationals do not get US benefits and the cost is $250 per test, regardless the type.


For individuals we charge a nominal $35 processing fee and $65 for rapid testing. Antibody testing is included at no additional fee if requested. 
If you schedule and pay the processing fee, please note that it will not be refunded. We are so overwhelmed that your missed appointment means that someone else cannot get tested.


ATX Covid Labs offers onsite testing for local businesses that are testing a minimum of 15 people for $35 pp. Fewer than that and we can still onsite, but it will incur a $500 travel fee. We can test onsite at the lab for just the $35. Missed group scheduling will be assessed a $500 fee.

When we visit onsite, all insured and uninsured carry only the $35 processing fee. 

We do send travel teams onsite to you. Enquire about rates at: info@austincovidlabs.com

PCR Molecular Testing:

Persons who are uninsured (and reside full time in the U.S.A.) qualify for PCR Molecular testing through the CARES Act Federal assistance program. If we have overnight testing, just the $35 applies. If testing is Rapid PCR, it's an additional $65.  

Rapid PCR: Our Abbott NOW Rapid PCR is $100 for insured or uninsured persons. (Includes processing fee.) For private pay or not wanting to use insurance the fee is total of $250 (fee included). 

Antibody Testing:
Private pay: Antibody testing is covered by insurance or the Federal uninsured program. But if you prefer to pay directly, the cost is $50.



We accept payment from insurance, with a $35 administrative fee to cover shipping, PPE and staff.