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When we say free, we mean free.*

PCR Molecular Testing:


Persons who are uninsured or are financially unable to cover the cost of their PCR testing may qualify for FREE PCR Molecular testing through a Federal assistance program. 


*Medicare and Medicaid patients will pay $35 to test through our lab.

*Private pay: for PCR Molecular testing is $200. This would be for a test that you want just for your own peace of mind or a second test for travel that is not covered by insurance.

Antibody Testing:

Private pay: Antibody testing is covered by insurance or the Federal uninsured program. But if you prefer to pay directly, the cost is $50.

Insurance: Major group medical policies cover at 100%.

*Patients using HMO policies can be tested, but there will be a $35 processing fee. For example: BCBS plans starting with ZGN are HMO policies. 

Austin Covid Labs offers onsite testing for businesses and their workforce and here’s the best part! If you offer health insurance to your employees, the tests are covered and there is no out of pocket to you. This testing schedule is highly recommended and what most of our clients select for their business.

*Employer On-Site Fees may depend upon the number of employees and travel distance required. * We have a nominal administrative and travel fee for coming to your workplace, which is waived if you are on a recurring test schedule of every 2 weeks, for 3 months.


We accept payment from insurance, with a $35 administrative fee to cover shipping, PPE and staff.


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