PCR Testing

Polymerase Chain Reaction Testing:  The gold standard for identification of Covid-19 is a PCR test. (typically a nasopharyngeal swab). However, our 100% Specificity and 100% Sensitivity solution does NOT require the nasopharyngeal swab (through the nose to back of the throat but feels like the brain). We can process with a simple nasal swab that only enters less than an inch, a throat swab (like the flu or strep test), or even a saliva sample that you spit into a straw!


Our 24/7 lab runs tests day and night to get results to you as soon as possible. Because we do not test the general public, we are able to ensure quick results for our partners. We have selected molecular solutions that not only demonstrate the highest sensitivity and specificity but specifically because we can simultaneously evaluate and differentiate other pathogens during flu season. As flu season develops, differentiating between Sars Cov-2 and flu will be increasingly important. 


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