Rapid PCR & Antigen Testing


Not all rapid tests are equal. Tests are evaluated based upon their LoD (Level of Detection) PCR Tests have an LoD between 10-400 copies of the virus.

Our lab PCR test is a TaqPath, which has an LoD of 10 copies. That means that you can have as few as 10 copies and it will show positive. Our Rapid test will detect 125 copies. Still very good, but please think three times before agreeing to get an Antigen test somewhere. We do not offer them.

Antigen tests, require the body to have over 6 million copies to show a positive! Read an article from the NIH here. Additionally, Antigen tests have a 20-25% false-positive rate. In our opinion, these tests are worse than worthless. Unless you are pretty ill, they will show negative and provide a false sense of security. There are now several articles discussing the extreme limitations of Antigen tests. Read Here.