Our Testing Solutions

We offer many screening and testing solutions and are adding new ones as they become available. We continually monitor the FDA website as new data and recommendations are released almost daily.

Polymerase Chain Reaction Testing:  The gold standard for identification of Covid-19 is a Molecular, or PCR test. Until recently, this was limited to the nasopharyngeal swab. Many people have delayed testing due to the invasive nature of this test. (It can feel like a swab is inserted to the back of your brain!) However, we are able to test with a simple nasal swab (just inside a nostril or at the back of the throat--less comfortable)


 Our 24/7 lab runs tests day and night to get results to you as soon as possible. Because we are not focused on the general public, we are able to ensure quick results for our partners. 


We have selected molecular solutions that not only demonstrate the highest sensitivity and specificity but specifically because we can simultaneously evaluate and differentiate other pathogens. As flu season develops, differentiating between Sars Cov-2 and flu will be increasingly important. 

Antibody testing is a simple blood test that reveals IgM’s that may be present in early infection or pre-symptomatic individuals and IgG’s that are produced in response to infection. Though not a magic bullet, past infection does offer some degree of immunity for some period of time. We’re not being cagey, it’s the scientists who don’t yet know.  Regardless, plasma donations from recovered candidates are in great demand. We test employees with both solutions which provides a clearer picture.

Plasma Donation

Molecular Testing

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